Setting South Dakotans up for success and the 21st Century, starts here!
  • Pre-K education to level the playing field for all children across the state
  • Pay teachers competitive wages as promised
  • Affordability and accessibility to post secondary education for all
  • Teach entrepreneurship skills in High School
Mike Huber

Healthy Families

Accessibility and affordability of healthcare across our great state for all times, especially while going through a pandemic!
  • Paid sick leave for all employees to protect themselves and for the benefit of public health
  • Support the Affordable Care Act and work towards making health care affordable to all South Dakotans
  • Provide Medicare for those not yet covered in South Dakota
  • Promote better health care access and services for Native Americans

Citizen Involvement

Citizen involvement is one of the primary reasons I have entered this race. We need more transparency and updates of what is happening in Pierre!
  • I will encourage and mentor others so we increase number of individuals running for legislature
  • There are too many closed-door caucuses happening in Pierre, where citizens have no idea of the outside influences working to set our agenda
  • More accessibility to online voter registration and mail-in voting. [Oregon has seen enormous security and increase in voting with .002% suspected voter fraud


We have many beautiful spaces in South Dakota, and it is what my homesteading grandfather loved so much about this state!
  • Many rivers and streams are un-safe for swimming. With buffer zones we can continue to improve our waterways
  • Moving to renewable sources of energy like wind and solar will benefit many generations and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Planning in cities and towns to encourage more walking and bike riding, and improved public transportation systems

Criminal Justice Reform

While working with prisoners at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, I see great opportunities to decrease populations and to rehabilitate prisoners in many cases!
  • Reduce drug ingestion to a misdemeanor from a felony and require rehabilitation programs
  • Work with drug and alcohol issues as rehabilitation opportunities first, and implement most advanced, scientifically proven methods
  • Bring more holistic methods, like yoga program I have started at South Dakota State Penitentiary, to rehabilitate inmates


South Dakota is a great agricultural state that is also growing in diversity of business sectors and new opportunities each year
  • Continue to support medical research and medical companies in all of South Dakota
  • Assist rural areas with online connections, as individuals are finding they can work from home anywhere in the world
  • Bring more and more assistance to new entrepreneurs in agricultural products, technology, and production and processing advancements

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